Electronic Experiment Module

Electronic Experiment Module

Crown Electronic Systems

Crown Electronic Systems offer Electronic Experiment Module to develop the electronic circuit on this module, they only need one oscilloscope and one DMM. It is design to perform Various Electronic Experiment Related to Analog, Digital & Communication Lab.

The module consists of the following :

  • DC Regulated Power Supply + 5V / 500mA
  • DC Regulated Power Supply 0 - + 25 V/ 500mA
  • AC Power Supply 15 - 0 - 15V/ 250mA
  • 8 Logic Input with LED Indicator
  • 8 Logic Output with Indicator
  • 1 Hz mono shot clock pulse with pulser switch
  • TTL Clock Pulser having O/P frequencies of 10 Hz , 100 Hz, 1 KHz & 100 KHz selectable by switch
  • One Seven Segment display with sockets for each segment
  • Bread board having 1680 tie Point is Mounted on Front Panel
  • Potentiometer 1k and 10k are mounted front panel
  • In Built Function Generator with following

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