Absolute Single Turn Encoders

Absolute Single Turn Encoders

PG Electronics

PG Electronics, a manufacturer of precision industrial encoders for 20 years, offers Absolute Single Turn Encoders, ENA 12/13. In the analog version of ENA 12 the output 0-10 V limits can be configured between any two geometrical angles of one rotation. The analog 4-20 mA output can also be offered. The SSI version has standard clock and data wires and in addition F/R and reset facility. Heavy-duty encoders in this absolute version ENA 12/13 P take into account heavy radial and axial thrusts and protect itself from falling bodies. Economical encoders ENA 8 - up to 9 bits - are meant for low resolution requirements. This series of absolute encoders are ideal for applications like radar antenna, solar-mirror-concentrators, numerically controlled machines, robotics, crane or drum positioning, automatic weighing systems, gate or level indicators, and many more applications. On lower end for turret machines, presses and other similar production machines, these encoders can be used extensively. Flexible couplings, digital systems, special cables for SSI outputs are available as supporting products. Besides incremental encoders in different versions up to 10000 ppr, the company now manufactures absolute single turn encoders up to 13 bits, i.e., 8192 exclusive steps per turn. These encoders have various output codes like parallel - gray, binary and serial SSI as well as analog modes also. What more, the encoders could be offered in non-binary number of steps per turn like 2000, 3600, etc., additional features like latch, F/R and reset are available to the user.

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