SCR Power Controller

SCR Power Controller

Satronix (India) Private Limited

Satronix (India) Pvt Ltd offers a microcontroller based SCR Power Controller in which one can select the input either linear control (4-20 mA) or 0-10 V DC. The output is 0-100% power, line voltage – 24-600 V AC, 50/60 Hz, single phase – 10 to 205 A, 3-phase – 10 to 400 A per phase. The term Zero-Cross (synchronous operation of SCRs) is derived from the fact that the SCRs are turned on only when the instantaneous value of the sinusoidal wave is zero. In Zero-Cross operation, power is applied for a number of continuous half-cycles and then removed for a number of half-cycles to achieve the desired load power in the same manner as power would be controlled with a mechanical switching device. The frequency of the on-off cycles can be extremely fast because there is no limit to the number of switching operations the SCR can perform. The SCR power controller is a 3-phase/2-phase/single phase, phase angle or zero cross fired controller which linearly controls, with respect to the set-point, the AC voltage, current, or true power applied to a three phase electrical load. The 3-phase controller can be ordered in either 2- or 3-leg control with 2 leg being limited to zero cross firing. Control is achieved for 3-leg by three pairs of inverse parallel SCRs or in 2-leg by 2 pairs of inverse parallel SCRs. The Satronix single phase and three phase digital proportional controller is pre-installed on an engineered heatsink, resulting in the optimum thermal transfer in the minimum amount of panel space. The precise linear control results in improving heater life and reduces electrical noise to adjacent products. The max surge survival technology includes a triple layer protection against damage from voltage surges. Optional: short circuit protection and thermal protection. It electrically switches 2/3 poles up to 660 Vrms.

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  • Furnace control
  • Infrared and quartz heaters
  • Resistive heating elements
  • Forming equipment
  • Printing applications
  • Blow moulding equipment
  • Industrial temperature controllers

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