Building Energy Management System

Building Energy Management System

Elmeasure India Private Limited

A Building Energy Management System (BEMS) is a computer-based system that automatically monitors and controls a range of building services, including air conditioning, ventilation, heating, lighting and other consumers of energy within the building or sometimes groups of buildings. The functional aim of BEMS is to manage the environment within a building, so that energy use perfectly balances the way in which the building is used.

ElMeasure provides a unique technique to integrate cutting-edge mechanical, electrical and building automation system technology into real-world solutions. Our goal is to design buildings and systems that will have a smaller energy footprint and a much smaller impact on the environment.

There are a number of important benefits associated with use of a Building Energy Management system.

  • It provides energy analysis, management and control information
  • It enables equipment, air conditioning, lighting etc to be switched on and off automatically
  • It optimises space heating within the building
  • It allows monitoring of equipment status and environmental conditions, and
  • The amount of wasted energy is minimized. This saves money and reduces carbon emissions.

With the advent of the Smart Grid, these Building Energy Management Systems can help businesses better manage their electricity demand. With a varying price of electricity, the BEMS can program the system can turn on and turn off loads without sacrificing occupant safety, comfort, and productivity.

BEMS can be used in different sectors such as:
Health Care: Health Care establishments require large amounts of energy to heat and power them. Therefore large savings can be made by installing BEMS to optimise efficiency, while still delivering the best comfort conditions for occupants.

Retail: Lighting, refrigeration and air conditions are large energy users in the retail sector. Inefficient energy use can lead to over-heating and over-cooling causing over consumption and spending.

Manufacturing: Rising energy prices and the cost of raw materials are making it hard for manufacturers to keep their production costs down and make a profit. Managing energy consumption across a manufacturing site with an effective BEMS can remove inefficiencies and reduce costs.

Educational Institutions: Private schools, academies, colleges and universities are all large consumers of power. Energy intensive equipment, such as computers, lighting and air conditioning, are often used inefficiently, e.g., they are left turned on overnight or at weekends, adding unnecessary cost to the bottom line. BEMS can be programmed with occupancy set points and calendar schedules, to ensure lighting and heating are not over-used during unoccupied times.

Commercial/Residential: Occupancy comfort and building efficiency both need to be optimised in office/residential environments. However, the desire for comfort can often reduce the efficiency of the building, due to inefficient settings and programming of your building controls. BEMS can control lighting and cooling effectively to avoid unnecessary use of energy outside normal working hours or when ambient daylight levels are adequate.

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