Solar Solutions

Solar Solutions

Usha Power Tec

Usha Power Tec offers Solar Solutions. Solar Energy is so fundamental to the creation and sustenance of life that there simply would be no life without the daily flows of the sun to the earth. Without solar energy the Earth?s temperature would drop precipitously, becoming so cold and dark that the conditions that nourish life and humanity would be absent. It was been estimated that 1,000 times more energy reaches the earth?s surface from the sun every single year than could be produced by burning all the fossil fuels mined and extracted during that same year. A photovoltaic device (generally called a solar cell) consists of layers of semiconductor materials with different electronic properties. Solar PV system including battery (for storing energy which generated by the PV array), controller (it is electronic device to control charging or limit the discharging of the batteries), inverter (large systems usually including DC/AC inverters to supply AC power in standard voltages and frequencies). Advantages: Solar power generation has the highest power density (global mean of 170 W/m) among renewable energies, Photovoltaic technology has a low energy payback time and a highly reliable energy return on energy invested.

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