MPPT Controller

MPPT Controller

Usha Power Tec

Usha Power Tec offers MPPT Controller. MPPT based charge controllers increase solar panel array output upto 30% as compared to a normal solar charge controller. The MPPT solar charge controller employs continuous MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking). The MPPT controller monitor the solar panel and battery condition in real time and adjust the voltage and amperage according to the maximum amount of power that the battery can accept at the moment. For example at a time when battery can accept 15V, the solar charge controller will deliver 15 volt (at whenever amperage are available based on the solar panel provider). However if the battery cannot accept that level of voltage, the charge controller will reduce the voltage to an optional level and replace the voltage with additional amperes. The MPPT solar charge controller process gets the absolute maximum amount of usable power from the solar panels through all day parts and changing sunlight condition while sometime providing high level of safety and protecting the battery from a large life spam.

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