Energy Saving System For Injection Moulding Machines

Energy Saving System For Injection Moulding Machines

Mirle Automation Corporation

Mirle Automation Corporation offers an Energy Saving System for injection moulding machine. Mirle's MP Series Energy Saving System (ESS) is a computerised servo system with high efficiency and performance, which can save your cost greatly. Mirle was founded in 1989, as one of the leaders in automation system integrators and related product manufacturers. The company offers a wide range of technical solutions, which allows it to help clients successfully implementing various kinds of automation systems, ranging from touch panel and clean room transportation and automatic material-handling system, solar cell equipment, AS/RS, computer integration, robot application, industrial controllers, material handling system, flat panel display facilities, and turn-key equipments.

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  • Significant result of energy saving (up to 87%)
  • Reliable IMM control experience
  • High quality servo motor drive technology
  • Most energy saved with Mirle's servo motors
  • High performance internal gear pump from Germany
  • Safety and protection is the top priority
  • Precise pressure control
  • Computer control units integration

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