Copper Cable Lugs

Copper Cable Lugs

Kook Engineering Industry

Kook Engineering Industry offers Copper Cable Lugs. Copper Cable Lugs designed to offer maximum efficiency under heavy-duty applications. Therefore these Terminals / lugs are ideal for use in applications which are subject to continuous mechanical vibrations viz. engines, railways, moving components etc. The terminal barrel is brazed and soft annealed which means that the terminal can be crimped in either direction. All the Terminals / lugs are tin plated to avoid oxidisation and to achieve maximum corrossion protection. These Terminals / lugs can be provided with PVC sleeves for protection against electrical shocks and can also be provided with metal reinforced sleeves to maintain a proper grip on conductor insulation. Cable lugs are the devices used for connecting cable and wire conductors in electrical installations and equipment. These are used when permanent, direct fastening methods are not feasible or necessary.In general, lugs are fixed to cables and wires by inserting the conductor/s into the barrel (tube) of the device and then barrel is crimped, soldered or welded onto the conductor for secure mechanical and electrical joint. The connection end of the lug is then fastened to connection point by means of a bolt, screw, or spring clip. Numerous sizes, configurations and material types are available to suit particular applications. Cable connectors for electrical use are made of copper, aluminum connectors, brass, and plated to optimize voltage transfer and inhibit metal oxidation.Cable lugs can be found on the wiring systems of automobiles, electrical boxes, panels, generators, transformers, many durable goods, and for all electrical lugs appliances.

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