Electroforged Gratings

Electroforged Gratings

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Electroforged Gratings are manufactured from Main bearing bars and forged Secondary bars. Secondary Bars are getting welded with main bars at every joints under high Pressure & Current under automatic process.

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  • Main Bar called Load bearing bars are available in 4, 5 and 6 mm thk and 25, 30, 32 and 40 mm height. Standard spacing between primary members are 30, 40 mm or as per clients requirements
  • Secondary Bar called cross bars are of 6 mm Sq twisted Bars or 8 mm , 10 mm round Bars. Standard spacing between secondary bars are 75, 100 mm or as per clients requirements.
  • Standard size of Grating Panels are 1000 (W) x 6000 (length ) specific sizes are also provided as per client requirements.
  • They are also supplying serrated Gratings as per client requirements and serration will be on main bars for anti- slip properties.
  • Welding on Frame bar will be 3 mm full welding on all corners and every fifth main bar will be welded with frame bars on both size.

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