Solar Photo Voltaic Solutions

Solar Photo Voltaic Solutions

Hensel Electric India Private Limited

The photovoltaic market will grow significantly in coming years – more and more investors and homeowners rely on the highly profitable electricity from solar power. ENYSUN is a high quality, modular system that generates additional revenue potential in the growth market of photovoltaics. The company offers high quality electrical and distribution systems that provide integrated solutions for easy and professional installation of photovoltaic systems. The enclosures are suitable for use in outdoor environment. The material used for the housing system should be generally UV-resistant in order to prevent any property degradation and reduction of the mechanical strength due to the UV exposure received. Due to the direct sunlight and the resulting loss of heat in the housing inside the enclosure can be heated too much. Also lower temperatures below -5 °C, also can affect the device technology. Therefore, the climatic inputs are very important as they have to be accounted for any impacts on device technology. The top of the enclosures needs to be always protected by cover so as to prevent it from weather-related stresses such as rain, ice and snow. In addition, when selecting the mounting location, apart from the IP protection, one has to also consider the climatic influences that may damage the system device through chemical influences. To comply with the maximum permissible ambient temperature of the mounted devices and to prevent condensation if necessary, additional measures such as are Ventilation flanges or ventilators are required for the enclosures. The Enysun range is developed specifically based on the experience and expertise of more than 75years, which complies to the standard DIN VDE 0100-712. The company offers a complete range for the installation of photovoltaic systems as a single source.

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