Plasma Generators

Plasma Generators

TDK Electronics

TDK Corporation presents CeraPlas HF, a compact cold plasma generator.


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  • CeraPlas HF measures in at just 47.3 mm x 20 mm x 20 mm and its leads are suitable for soldering. The product is facilitated with low weight, low power consumption and low input voltage.
  • CeraPlas HF can be integrated easily and without any special safety measures for protection against high voltage in plasma systems.
  • The new plasma generator is able to ionise different gases – including air – under normal pressure. Because the temperature remains below 50°C, heat-sensitive materials can be treated with plasma. The combination of compact dimensions and low power consumption therefore makes CeraPlas technology ideal for battery-powered handheld devices.
  • CeraPlas has a wide variety of applications. It can be used for the surface treatment of plastics, for example, to make them easier to print or write on. Another area of applications is the disinfection of wounds or the sterilisation of devices or foods. Moreover, the generation of ozone also enables unpleasant odour to be eliminated.

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