Earth Leakage Relays

Earth Leakage Relays

Protech Engineering & Controls Private Limited

Protech Engineering & Controls offers Earth Leakage Relays, Model N22 – ELR Series. Operation: N22-ELR senses the earth leakage current. These leakage currents if continued, can cause insulation breakdown resulting in earth fault, which results into loss of life or damage to equipment. N22-ELR energises/denergises an internal relay based on mode of operation selected by user, (i.e., Normal or Fail Safe) when leakage current goes out of the range selected on the dial. N22 earth leakage relays are provided with user selectable two tripping ranges, and also two-time delay ranges in one unit. The CBCT is connected externally with the busbar or cable carrying load current passed through it. Special features: most compact yet ultra flexible protection relays; micro controller based true RMS measurement; two tripping ranges in one unit; two time delay ranges in one unit; user selectable normal/fail safe modes; user selectable auto/manual reset; and wide power supply range from 90-270 V AC/DC. Technical data: supply voltage – 90-270 V AC/DC; output contacts – one change over (potential free); switching duty – 6 A resistive at 250 V AC or 24 V DC; electrical life – 10 operation at designed switching duty; relay status – Normal = de-energised in normal conditions, fail safe = de-energised in fault conditions; signal – from CBCT; ranges – A = 25-250 mA/50-500 mA, B = 0.1-1 A/0.2-2 A, C = 0.4-4 A/0.4-4 A; time delays – 0.1-1 sec/1-10 sec; reset – user selectable auto/manual reset; mounting – DIN channel; approximate weight – 100 gm; and dimensions – 22.5 (W) x 110 (D) x 73.5 mm (H). Applications: distribution panel boards, motors/pump panel boards, generators, transformers, etc.

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