V-Band Coupling Clamp

V-Band Coupling Clamp

Jupiter Industrial Works Thane

The V-Band Coupling Clamp is made up of stainless steel material. This coupling clamp is used to join piping, tubing or various gas or liquid tracks or closers, separators & enclosures. Use of sheet metal for all components makes the overall design lighter in weight & convenient. This feature makes the clamp ideal for use as joints to conduct output gases from vibrating assemblies at one end towards the stationary output system at the other. The flexibility & springiness of the clamp settle in to the cross sectional clamping shapes to make the firm contact. The clamp is the most convenient for sub-assemblies requiring frequent latching and unlatching for inspection, cleaning and replacements. The company also offers worm drive clamp and T-bolt clamp.

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Clamp diameter 50mm to 400mm or more, bandwidth: 12.7mm to 32mm, band thickness: 0.6mm to 2mm, vee width: 12.7mm to 35mm, vee thickness: 0.65mm to 2.5mm, included angle: 30 degree to 60 degree, diameter of T-Bolt: 6.35mm to 10mm & length of T-Bolt: 55mm to 115mm.

Time saving & convenience, lightweight, vibration-proof, frequent clamping, corrosion resistance and wedging & cost saving.

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