Threaded Insert Slotted Type

Threaded Insert Slotted Type

Kalyani Sales Corporation

Slotted, self-tapping type Threaded Inserts for aluminium, cast iron, plastics and non-ferrous metals, available in sizes M2 to M30 and equivalent UNC, UNF and BSW threading.

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  • Designed as a permanent fastener in materials, which are of insufficient strength to sustain applied loads in threads tapped directly in to these materials or where thread wear occurs due to frequent assembly and disassembly.
  • The self tapping threaded insert is a bushing with internal and external threads designed to tap its own threads and is driven into a drilled or cored hole.
  • The thread cutting action is performed by the slot on the pilot portion of the inserts Advantages include: strong, clean, reusable permanent thread; no need to tap a hole to install these inserts; simple die-cast bore or drilled hole is sufficient for installation; easy and quick installation; very high pull out strength; sustains high torque loads; withstands vibration without loosening.
  • Available in case hardened yellow chromated steel, and in brass or stainless steel for anti corrosive action.
  • Applications: automobile, plant and equipment construction, household appliance, medical equipments, military, etc.

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