Ground Ballscrews, CBC/LTM

Rotolinear Systems

Rotolinear Systems offers worldclass precision Ground Ballscrews of Continental Ballscrews Company/Leadteam Ballscrews Ltd (Deans Group). CBC/LTM ballscrews are used by lot of CNC machine tool builders of Europe, America, Taiwan and other Asian countries. CBC ballscrews are manufactured with carefully designed tread to obtain optimum performance in load, life and rigidity and are the leading manufacturer of ground ballscrews in Taiwan of since 1979. Proper sealing elements on both sides of nut in close contact with ballscrew prevent the entry of foreign matter in the nut or the lubricants from leaking. The CBC standard diameters range from 12 to 125 mm with lead of 4 to 20 mm and length up to 8 metres as standard. Different nuts configurations like single nut, double nut, internal circulation, external circulation, etc., with accuracies of C7, C6, C5, C4, C3, C2 and C1, are standard. Special nuts as per customers’ requirements also can be supplied. Test certificates like laser lead error certificate, inspection certificate, structure and hardness certificate shall be provided along with the ballscrews. These products are available ex-stock at Bangalore.

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