Capacitor Discharge Threaded Studs

Capacitor Discharge Threaded Studs

Conweld Engineering Services

Conweld Engineering Services are one of the leading manufacturers of the superior quality range of the studs like Capacitor Discharge Threaded Studs. We use EN ISO 13918 that is in accordance the quality and standards of these Capacitor Discharge Unthreaded Studs.


  • Increases Design and Production Flexibility : Access is only necessary from one side of the job - the equipment is readily portable and may even be bench-mounted. The designer has greater freedom and this production flexibility, with special auto-feeding studs,makes it possible to have methods of assembly that would otherwise be impractical
  • Product Quality : Provides leakproof fastening. Leaves a smooth unbroken finish on the rear/reverse side of the component or fabrication
  • Wider choice of metals : Dis-similar metals can be welded as long as both are conductive,e.g. brass to steel,brass to copper,aluminium to die-cast zinc

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