Hinges with Brake

Hinges with Brake

Elesa And Ganter India Private Limited

Elesa and Ganter India Pvt Ltd has launched Hinges with Brake. The free and easy movement of doors, flaps and other covers is not always desirable – to open or close these elements, using greater force is sometimes the better option. Elesa+Ganter has therefore fitted its GN437 hinges with adjustable friction for precisely this purpose. The zinc diecast GN437 hinges come with two slim friction cones made of polyacetal (POM), which are pressed into the conical swivel range of the hinge by means of an axial setscrew. The friction of the hinge can so be changed by tightening or slackening the setscrew counter-locked with a long nut. The braking torque remains constant across the whole 180 degrees swivel range, preventing the inadvertent closing or opening of doors, hatches or flaps. The large friction surfaces and the low-wear polyacetal used for the friction cones interact to ensure a long service life of the element. Particular mention maybe the standard connection dimensions. The new friction hinges can easily be attached, for example, with the holes of GN237 and replace of course the standard sizes 40, 50 and 60 mm. Naturally, the attractively designed hinges also comply with RoHS. Incidentally, the GN437 hinges are also suitable for applications calling for a high degree of precision: the friction cone principle ensures that the radial motion and the movement in the axis of the hinge are free of play.

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