Compression Springs

Compression Springs

Khodiyar Spring Industries

Khodiyar Spring Industries offers Compression Springs. The Khodiyar spring industries is one of the major compression springs maker in India. They offer best quality tapering compression springs that is available in different diameters such as, spring steel 0.15 to 90 mm wire diameter, square wire diameter, square wire up to 20 mm wire diameter, stainless steel 0.15 to 60 mm diameter, the material customize as per clients requirement. Compression springs are common type of springs. The compression springs are open-coil helical spring constructed along the axis. They are made to oppose compression. They are winded over a rod or fitted inside the hole. When load is apply to the springs, it compressed and pushes back to get original condition. The springs offer resistance to linear compressing forces.Configurations: The straight springs are the most common compression springs. The diameter of the spring remains same for the whole length. The straight coil configuration is the standard coil type for stock compression springs. 


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  • The compression springs used in a wide variety of applications. The uses of compression springs are ranging from automotive engineers and large stamping presses to major appliances and lawn mowers to medical devices. It is also used in electronics and sensitive devices, cell phones.

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