Crest Ultrasonics India Private Limited

Crest Ultrasonic offers Powersonics Generator, which has using the latest semiconductor technology, complex integrated circuits and robust power electronics. They are able to supply a series of modular generators, which meet all the requirements of industrial users in full. The wide variety of options for remote control and monitoring of the individual modules permitted by the interface supplied as standard.

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  • Every module is an autonomous ultrasound generator
  • New-type output stage ensures high degree of efficiency > 95%
  • Short-circuit proof, overload proof
  • Automatic impedance and frequency adjustment
  • Output power adjustable between 40% and 100% of the nominal output of the ultrasound generator
  • Preset output power automatically held constant
  • External on / off 25-pole SUBD plug
  • Potential free contact and the maximum load of the contact are 30 V and 30 mA

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