Die Components

Die Components

Brahmadevi Engineering Products

Brahmadevi Engineering Products (BEP) is a company, which was inspired and started in 2001 with a basic concept of providing standard die components to the die and mould making industries to slash down making time. The company manufactures cushion pins and maintains the straightness within 0.05 up to length of 1350. The aim is to provide engineering products and services internationally, while offering competitive rates and best quality. Its large vendor base allows the company to meet any type of customer requirements, thus offering reduced inventory costs and timely delivery. It is managed by a team of highly proficient professional and technicians; and has entered into the field of standardisation of dies and moulds because in changing scenario of Indian products, the changeover time in the automobiles models is becoming shorter and shorter day-by-day. For such fast changeovers, it is preferable to opt for standard products so that the dies changeover is easy, time saving and cost effective. Some of the products offered are: guide pillars; guide bushes; HSS piercing punches; die buttons; die sets; stripper bolts; extractable dowel pin; ball bearing cages; poly urethane rod; ejector pins; cushion pins; die springs; nitrogen gas springs; gas ejectors; spring ejectors and ball plungers.

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