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This cutting-edge vision system is a complete solution to your on-line packaging inspection requirements. It is an automated, camera inspection system, specially developed to inspect on-line overprinting on labels, leaflets, pouches, cartons and any other form of packaging, across various industries.

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  • PACK i® can be used for OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and OCV (Optical Character Verification). Propix's OCR and OCV tool is known for its ease of use, its read rates and the speed at which it processes complex images. This powerful algorithm prevents misreads, handles process variations and provides easy font management. It's fast, easy to set up and simple to use across all platforms, with minimal training being required.
  • Pharma Code
  • PACK i® can inspect pharma codes by calculating their values and verifying the same against the actual values. In this way, the automatic inspection system verifies that the particular label/carton belongs to the same batch, checking for batch/lot mix-ups.
  • Bar Code
  • PACK i® can be used for barcode verification. It reads, evaluates and verifies the barcode printed on labels/cartons, weeding out erroneous labels/cartons. For this function of PACK i, no teaching is required.
  • 2D code
  • PACK i® is equipped to read, decode and verify 2D codes (like Data Matrix Codes). While functioning as a 2D barcode reader (or Data Matrix Code Reader), PACK i scans the small area containing a lot of information, very quickly and accurately, wedding out errors instantaneously.
  • Presence Verification
  • PACK i® can be used to verify the presence of a particular pattern on the label. The Cognex vision system is also capable of performing pattern matching in which it compares shape, size and contour of the existing image with master image, with given tolerances.

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