Dew Point Transmitters And Meters

Dew Point Transmitters And Meters

Mecord Systems & Services Private Limited

Mecord Systems And Services offers a range of high accuracy Dew Point Transmitters and Meters. Compressed air is widely used in production facilities for purposes such as the operation of process machinery and the actuation and control of pneumatic valves, cylinders and controllers. It can also be used as a transport medium or purge gas. Humidity has unfavorable effects on the compressed air distribution system and on the processes in which it is used. But the use of compressed air dryers and reliable dew point monitoring ensures that the wheels of industry keep turning. Dew point monitoring ensures that the dryer is functioning according to its specifications. Concerning desiccant dryers, Dew point measurement can also be used to control the desiccant regeneration interval. Regeneration is not started until the desiccant tower has been used to its full capacity as indicated by a rise in the outlet air dew point. Unlike conventional timer-based regeneration, this system takes into account the fact that when compressed air is dry, the regeneration interv al may be much longer than for moist air. Thus, because it avoids unnecessary regeneration, dew point-dependent switching provides the user with up to 80 Percent savings in the energy costs of drying compressed air, typically making a realistic repayment period for the investment less than one year. Vaisala - Finland is a leading manufacturer of high accuracy dew point transmitters and meters. There is range of models available for variety of applications.

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