Comparator Stand

Comparator Stand

Advance Measuring Systems

Advance Measuring Systems is manufacturing comparator stands in steel and granite bodies based on relevant standard specifications. These are sturdy, rugged, and compact in construction. The bodies are manufactured either in graded cast iron or in granite and provided with hardened, ground and finely lapped base. The vertical column is also hardened and ground and fitted with different types of brackets for mounting the dial. The brackets are provided with different fine arrangement systems for zero setting of the dial. They are available in different models like CS1, with maximum gauging height of 100 mm; CS2 - maximum gauging height 150; CS3A with a maximum gauging height of 200 mm; and CS3B with a maximum height 300 mm. The company is ISO 9001-2000 certified by TUV Nord and having calibration laboratory accredited by NABL. Comparator stands are used for precision and exact comparative measurements of height and diameter. They are widely used in standard rooms, production shops & R&D laboratorie

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