Lx9™ Breath Alcohol Tester

Lx9™ Breath Alcohol Tester

Lifeloc Technologies Inc

Lifeloc Technologies Inc., a global leader in breath alcohol testing technology, announces the introduction of its new full featured LX9™ handheld breath alcohol testers (Breathalyzers). The LX9 is approved for use by the USA DOT/ NHTSA as an evidential testing device. Easy-to-use, the LX9 includes cutting edge technology for law enforcement and workplace testing programs.

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  • Bluetooth™ LE wireless printing for maximum operator convenience.
  • GPS coordinates with test results.
  • Advanced data fields (6) easily configurable by the end user.
  •  Large 10,000 test memory that includes all calibration and accuracy check data.
  • A robust mechanical design complements its full feature set, which includes a full color display viewable day or night, 360° mouthpiece that allows the operator to quickly choose the angle of greatest operator safety, and flexible password protection settings.
  • Five-button directional keypad and customizable fields that makes it easier for operation and data entry; ergonomically designed and engineered to withstand the rigors of continuous field use and allow for easy operation with either hand.
  • Measurement range of 0.000 to 0.600 BAC; electrochemical Platinum Fuel Cell for speed, accuracy, and reliability of testing. 
  • Choose the power option that best meets customer needs; 3 AA alkaline batteries or fast charging internal battery pack.
  • The LX9 is the perfect tool for evidential law enforcement or workplace testing.

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