Tensile Load Testing Machine

Tensile Load Testing Machine

Birdman Chemeng Private Limited

Birdman Chemeng Private Limited offers ‘YOTA’ Tensile Load Testing Machine for testing 25 kV porcelain and composite insulators. Conforming to RDSO Specification No: TI/SPC/OHE/INSTEST/0090 (02/2009) - Rev-0, the machine is designed keeping in view Grade I accuracy of measurement, eye level height to facilitate parallax free reading, vibration free, better stability, rigid construction, low weight and minimum number of components. Design novelty: two column machine design facilities easy fixing and testing of insulators fast and quick removal thereafter.

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  • Machine incorporates LOAD CELL, which measures applied correctly, Independent and Hydraulic System.
  • System Accuracy ± 1%.
  • 4 times factor of safety.
  • 100% vibration free during operation.
  • Auto self aligning of test specimen
  • Cast iron Base for Stability and shock absolvent.
  • Analogue Reading at eye level to eliminate parallax.
  • Self retracting Double Acting Hollow Cylinder
  • Spring Loaded quick fixing and removable Protecting Guard with locking device

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