CVS Analysers

CVS Analysers

Abitech Enteprises

CVS Analysers comes from Abitech Enteprises. The Titraplate? Product Line offers a range of CVS analysers to guarantee the best possible control of acid copper and acid tin plating baths. All models are equipped with a potentiostat and a three electrodes system including a rotating disc electrode, a reference electrode and a platinum auxiliary electrode. Various analysis methods can be used: standard method for brighteners in copper and tin baths, calibration method for suppressor in copper and tin baths, as well as new innovative leveller for via filling analysis. The Windows-based software and its simplified interface make the operator work easier. The Titraplate CP is an all-in-one instrument specifically designed for routine CVS/CPVS analysis (acid copper and tin/tin-lead baths). The auto-dosing option is available and enables to increase analysis accuracy while saving time for operator and reducing errors. One burette with two syringes are included. The Titraplate 100 allows performing fully automatic multi-samples analysis.

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