Million Mega Ohm Meter

Million Mega Ohm Meter

Crown Electronic Systems

Million Mega Ohm Meter is an ideal instrument for measuring high resistance & insulation. Since it applies a high table, IC regulated, H.T. of 100, 200 , 300, 400 & 500V DC across the element under test, it serves the purpose of a Megger also. It reassures the insulation resistance of the sample under stress, by subjecting it to the set voltage. It has a measuring range of 1 mega ohm to 10 million mega ohms fc in six decade ranges & is capable of reading upto 10 million megaohm (10 ohms) with accuracy. Op - Amp ensure low drift, low input bias current & high stable performance. A separate Rx - NORM -HT switch with amber color lamp indication facilitates to link or de - link HT with terminal. The HT can also check by & set accuracy in HT position by observing FSD & using fine & coarse HT controls.

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