Tubular Level Gauges And Indicators

Tubular Level Gauges And Indicators

Veksler Instruments

Veksler Instruments offers Tubular Level Gauges And Indicators. Tubular Level Gauge is used for visual liquid level indication and is the most commonly used instrument in the process industry. It is a simple and reliable device for level reading in atmospheric or pressurized tank applications. It is mounted parallel, along the side of the tank, so as to form a closed loop. As the process level fluctuates, the level in the transparent glass tube changes accordingly and gives local level indication. The Tubular Level Gauge manufactured by VEKSLER incorporates correct design, rugged construction, proper manufacturing techniques and skilled workmanship to give dependable performance and long service life. Material integrity is assured through strict compliance of chemical composition analysis in a standard laboratory. 


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  • Choice of Tie Rod or C-Frame Construction.
  • With or without isolating valve.
  • Material integrity assured through strict compliance of chemical composition analysis in a Standard Laboratory.
  • H Grade Borosilicate glass tube 16/19/25 mm outer dia with Teflon Packing.
  • Glass tube an be removed online i.e. without disconnection from vessel
  • Standard Connection: 1/2" / 3/4" / 1" Flange drilled to ASA 150#, others on request
  • Alluminium/SS scale with 5 mm resolution as standard and 1 mm on request.
  • Drain Plug 1/2" Vent Plug 3/4" as std and drain/vent valve as optional
  • Safety Ball check device(optional).
  • Defrost/illuminator available on request.
  • Hydro test pressure: 12 KG/cm2, 100 Deg C max working temperature.
  • Tie Rod Construction is ‘light' and permits 360ºC visibility.
  • C-Frame construction is robust and permits observation from Front & Rear.
  • Both constructions are available in integral or inline arrangements.
  • High quality, H grade borosilicate glass tube in 16/19/25mm outer dia is used.
  • Available in single length having c/c distance = 1600 mm. Extended lengths are provided by coupling several tubes or gauge assemblies in series.
  • Gland packing design provides tension free tube installation to achieve zero leakage. It also enables glass removal for replacement or cleaning without dismantling the gauge or disconnection from the vessel.
  • Transparent Acrylic Plate mounted on C-Frame/Acrylic Pipe or slotted metallic pipe clamped on Tie Rod as glass protector can be provided if required, for additional safety to glass & personnel.
  • Adjustable proximity/reed switch arrangement for level sensing with alarm relays.

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