Hand Held Pressure Indicator

Hand Held Pressure Indicator

See Automation

See Automaiton offers Hand Held Pressure Indicator. Extensive application possibilities Stainless steel pressure sensors with measuring ranges up to 1,000 bar are available for the model CPH6300 hand-held pressure indicator. The robust and waterproof design makes the CPH6300 ideal for use in adverse environments. This digital indicator automatically detects the measuring range of the connected pressure sensor and guarantees a high-precision pressure measurement. Functionality The CPH6300 can be used for measuring both gauge and absolute pressure. Differential pressure measurement is possible with the 2-channel version CPH6300-S2, and two model CPT6200 reference pressure sensors possible. The selectable pressure units are bar, mbar, psi, Pa, kPa, MPa, mmHg, inHg, mH2O and one customer-specific unit. An integrated data logger and various other functions such as Min, Max, Hold, Tare, zero-point adjustment, Alarm, Power-Off, peak value detection (up to 1,000 measurements/s), average value filter etc.

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