Fault Annunciators, Programmable

Fault Annunciators, Programmable

Electronic Automation Private Limited

Electronic Automation Pvt Ltd (EAPL) offers a series of Fault Annunciators in 2 varieties: 1. Micro-controller based basic annunciator for 2, 4, 6 and 8 windows (overall size – 73.5 x 142.5 x 78 mm); and 2. Micro-processor based advanced annunciator for 12, 16 and 24 windows (overall size – 291 x 186.5 x 82 mm). The basic annunciator has varied features like configuring each window’s fault input sensing either for NO or NC, and programming relay output for either tripping the system or sounding an alarm whenever fault occurs. It also has a wide voltage range for auxiliary power supply, watch-dog LED to indicate auxiliary supply presence during healthy condition, super bright red coloured SMD LEDs and has typical annunciation features of mute, acknowledge, reset and test buttons, which can be accessed from the front buttons or wired to remote buttons via terminals at the rear. Advanced annunciator, apart from all the above features, also includes features like auxiliary fail annunciation through AC fail relay (visual) and hooter relay (audio). This can be possible by connecting to a stand-by power supply. Terminals for stand by supply are provided so that the annunciator functions via 12 V DC (battery source, etc), even when auxiliary supply is absent. Sequence of fault input annunciation can be programmed either for – manual reset, auto reset, manual reset + ring back or First In, First Out annunciation sequences. Features like individual outputs for each fault, using repeat relay card, RS-485 Mod-bus RTU communication ports are optional and can also be catered to. Areas of application: generator panels; transformer panels; process panels; and distribution panels.

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