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Birdman Chemeng Pvt Ltd offers the Yota range of Dyanamometers. These are portable, compact, robust and shock proof instruments for measuring load and tension in the simplest, fresh and handiest means. Standard models are available from capacity 500 kg to 20,000 kg. Standard Series dynamometers are purposely designed to make them portable and lightweight instrument but with facility of a larger dial for measuring load and displaying the reading clearly. The TH Series is heavy-duty inclined dial model with capacity ranging from 10 tonnes to 100 tonnes. TH Series has been specially designed to withstand severe loading conditions without any damaging effect. It willl continue to give many years of trouble-free service under extreme climatic conditions. The large recording dial encased in a protecting steel case is available up to 300 mm dia in different models, enabling the users a greater visibility from a considerable distance. Inclined dial at 20° to vertical axis makes reading convenient when used in cranes. Straight dial is supplied on request. Accuracy is ± 1% or one graduation within recording range of 11% to 100%.

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  • Cable Tensioning in transmission towers and aerial ropeways
  • Crane weighing
  • Tensile testing and control
  • Fastener and anchor testing
  • Guying microwave towers, railway signals
  • Telecommunication
  • Crane testing
  • Transmission line hardware testing
  • Sling testing
  • Conveyor belt tensioning
  • Chain testing
  • Various industrial and research requirements

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