Solar Module Analyzer

Solar Module Analyzer

Instruments & Machinery Sales Corporation

Instruments & Machinery Sales Corporation offers Solar Module Analyzer, Model Prova 210. The Solar Panel Analyzer, is used for the professional testing and maintainance of Solar Panels and Modules. In addition to maintainance and installation of solar panels, the Solar Panel Analyzer can be used in efficiency of various cells in solar panels. The portability of this device means that it is also useful in quality assurance at various stages on the production line and can be taken from one location to another. When used in the installation of solar panels, Solar Panel Analyzer assists in determining the proper inverter size as well as optimum power output position of panels and helps to identify defective cells or panels that have worn out over time.

The Solar Panel Analyzer also provides the user with current and voltage (I-V) test curves and maximum solar power. Solar cell efficiencies are also easily determined using the unit. RS232C to USB Cable for PC Interface to get test results which can be saved and downloaded for later analysis using the application software that is supplied with the portable Solar Panel Analyzer.

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