Steel Continuous Casting Machines

Steel Continuous Casting Machines

Fidus Achates Engg Private Limited

Fidus Achates Engg Pvt Ltd with the immense support of diligent professionals, have been able to deliver Steel Continuous Casting Machines. Continuous casting is a metalworking process in which metal is cast continuously, rather than being cast in discrete moulds. This process is extremely efficient and cost effective, making it popular for the production of a variety of semifinished metal shapes. Once cast, the metal can be further worked as needed. Rounds, slabs, beams, and various cross-sections can be created with continuous casting machines.

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Ladle support 

Ladle Stand/Ladle Turret/Ladle Car


Preheated hot lining or cold lining


Tundish Car 

Portal Type/Semi Portal Type/Overhead Type with Lift/Lower

 Open/Close Casting 

Open Casting with gas shroud

 Closed casting Automatic stopper control system with Submerged Entry Nozzle and anti-clogging system

 Automatic over flow detection 

Mould design 

FA Continuous Casting Technology ( FACCT)

- Cartridge, Self aligning type

Mould tube 

Conventional/800mm/900mm long tube

- Tapered, Cr-plated copper tube

Oscillation design 

Short lever type

Sinusoidal movement

Frequency controlled AC-drive

Synchronized with casting speed

Dead weight compensation with adjustable air-bellow

Secondary cooling 

Automatic optimized flow control

3 zones (to avoid reheating cracks)

Zone 1 (spray ring) : quick-change type, section size related

Zone 2 : quick-change type, section size related

Zone 3 : universal for all section sizes

Withdrawal & straightening unit 

FA Continuous Straightening (FACS)

Quick change type

Adjustable clamping force (to avoid unbending cracks)

Heavy duty design

Rigid dummy bar storage 

State of the art technology for higher productivity

100% guaranteed start of cast

Quick re-stranding

Dummy bar system

Rigid type with automatic disconnection and permanent (re-usable) head

No recurring cost of head preparation

Cutting device

Torch Cutting Machine/Hydraulic Shear/Manual

Discharge system

Billet Shifter/Cross Transfer Device

Cooling bed

Turnover Cooling Bed with provision for hot charging to reheating furnace /Skid Type Cooling bed

Machine control

By PLC-system (Programmable Logic Control) with VDU (Visual Display Unit) and keyboard as man-machine interface

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