Wheel Profiling Machines, WDM Series

Wheel Profiling Machines, WDM Series

Wendt (India) Limited

Wendt (India) Ltd offers latest state-of-the-art Wheel Profiling Machines – WDM 8, WDM 15 & WDM 25 models in both profile projector and video vision versions.

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Dressing and profiling of straight and convex diamond or CBN grinding wheels mounted on a wheel pack.
  • Models –WDM 8-WDM 15-WDM 25
  • Max wheel dia to dress – 160-350-480 mm
  • Wheel head dressing spindle – Ø 60 x 250-Ø 70 x 210-Ø 80 x 285 mm
  • Wheel head speed – 3000-1900-1900 RPM
  • Swivel range – 190°(+95°) (all 3 models)
  • Wheel head motor power – 0.37-0.75-1.1 kW
  • Work head spindle – Ø 60/80 x 250-Ø 80 x 250-Ø 120 x 250 mm
  • Work head speed – 950-240-245 RPM
  • Work head motor power – 0.55-0.75-1.1 kW
  • Work head cross traverse – 150-110-130 mm
  • Oscillation motor – 0.09-0.09-0.11 kW
  • Oscillation stroke – 40-40-67 mm/sec
  • Magnification projector – 10X, 20X-10X, 20X-10X, 20X
  • Magnification – video vision – 9X to 108X-9X to108X-N/A
  • Operator friendly and easy accessibility for operation
  • Available in projector and video vision version
  • Hollow spindle design to accommodate any tool packs
  • Linear scale with digital read out for work head axis for video vision version
  • Variable speed for work and wheel spindle as optional
  • Motorised arrangement for work head axis as optional

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