Rota Solder

Rota Solder

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Rota Solder system has a rotating solder pot with a wiper that skims solder surface while pot is rotating, offering a clean dross free surface. This wiper is so arranged that accumulated dross progresses towards outer rim of solder pot and is collected in a collector provided. This completely eliminates operator intervention to clean the pot as has to be done earlier. This system is available in 125 mm diameter and 55 mm depth solder pot. Solder requirement is 6 Kg. Pot temperature can be set from 200° C to 450° C within ± 3° C. At 250° C one can carry out normal tinning operations for 60:40 solder. Solder wound components have self-solderable wires at 380° C. This pot can be used with lead free solder also. This system can be placed on the tabletop or can be accommodated in line with any other production equipment. Various other sizes as per requirement or for a particular job is also available.

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Model Solder Capacity Wattage Temp. Range
RS125LF 6KG 750W 200° C to 450° C

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