CNC Single Pass Honing Machine

CNC Single Pass Honing Machine

Khushbu Engineers

Model SP 650 CNC single pass honing machine is designed for higher productivity and accuracy of bore geometry. Very close tolerances can be achieved consistently with required surface finish through single pass honing process. In CNC single pass honing, a rotating diamond impregnated tool is passed once through the bore. Either the tool or the job is floating. Material removal is done by diamond cutting points. High wear resistance of diamond impregnated tool ensures the repeatability of the bore size within 0.001 to 0.003 mm; while, bore roundness, straightness and surface finish can be achieved within desired tolerance. The life of diamond plated tool is extensively high, resulting in low cost operation. It is applicable for any type of bore like through, stepped or blind and almost all type of material combinations. CNC single pass honing operation reduces the cycle time resulting in higher productivity. With automation, production rate of 2500 +pieces/day can be achieved. It is very simple operation as compared to conventional honing. Features: 2 axes CNC controller for vertical motion and indexing; Seimens/Fanuc or Mitsubishi controller; CNC index table; ball screw and LM guide; automatic lubrication system; overload sensors; precision class spindle bearing; stroke length –450 mm; variable spindle speed; compact machine base; interlocks; 8 HP power consumption; and one year warranty. Benefits: higher production rate, low operation cost, low labour cost, quality consistency, and bore geometry improvement.

The company also offers CNC Honing Machine, Infinitely Variable Spindle Speed Honing Machine, Magnetic Crack Detection Machine, Manual Honing Machine, Wear Resistant Rings/Sleeves, etc.

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