Planetary Gearheads

Planetary Gearheads

Rotolinear Systems

Rotolinear Systems offers VGM Planetary Gearheads. A planetary design of VGM provides up to 3 times the torque capacity than that of conventional spur gearhead. VGM planetary gearheads are compatible with any make of servomotor. The torque transmitted by the sun gear is equally distributed through the planet gear, each planet gear carries one third of the torque and the resultant forces cancel each other to yield a resultant load equal to zero hence longer life. The gearhead comes with factory installed grease that is circulated continuously during the operation and lubrication refilling is not required. For standard gearhead, there is a small backlash of 10-arc minute and for high precision gearhead, it is 3-arc minute. The less noise (low decibel) finds the suitability for most of the applications. The gear reduction can be from 3 to 1000 and the torque range of max 45 kgf.m. VGM planetary gearheads are available in models MF70, MF90, MF120, MF150, MF180, PG60 and 7PG90. VGM is easy for installation and compatible with 50 W-4000 W well-known servomotors .As the planetarygearhead is supplied suitable for the customers’ servomotor, the installation time and cost is reduced. The VGM planetary gearhead has the advantages like high torque capacity, self-lubricating, high power to weight ratio, higher power to size ratio, higher torsional stiffness, higher wear resistance, low backlash, and high backlash integrity.

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