Wirecut EDM Machines

Wirecut EDM Machines

Metalcam Technologies Limited

Metalcam Technologies Pv Ltd offers Wirecut EDM Machines. ACcam.easy for +GF+ Georg Fischer Wirecut EDM machines offers a flexible and complete solution, specifically designed to produce 2 and 4 axis wire-paths easily and quickly, using a wide range of innovative software tools. The AgieCharmilles CUTx0P series, CUTx00mS/Sp series and CUTx00/CUT200C/CU200P (Millennium) series machine technologies are implemented with optimized technological tables.

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  • Reduce time-to-market and work hours drastically.
  • Shorten geometry construction and part definition efforts.
  • Program your AC Wire-cut EDM machine using the machine specific Wizard and technological databases.
  • Complete your job easily and safely and let ACcam.easy Wire EDM’s Manager guide you through the whole and logical EDM process.
  • Take advantage of the most advanced wire path algorithms calculation for 2X to 4X cuts.
  • ACcam.easy offers the first commercial solution for 4X no-core-cuts.

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