Valve Seat Machines

Valve Seat Machines

Micron Mustafa Machines In

Micron Mustafa Machines In offers Valve Seat Machines. Three angle single blades inserts cuts all three angles at once and produce accurate finished seat with " NO Gridning" " NO Lapping". They assure exact seat width from head to head plus concentricity between seat and guide Spindle head tilts to 20 degree on both sides to accommodate any guide axis for machining of all new generation imported and Indian cylinder head Quick chill half turn nut offers fast tooling change from modular wide selection range of toolings and spindle adopters. Also advance design of spindle assembly eliminates bounce spring that other use over their pilots, the result is reduced time to complete job with less runout and better concentricity Takes minimum floor space to handle the complete range of Six /four cylinder, motorcycle and small cylinder heads .Dial in any spindle speed 50 to 380 rpm without stopping the rotation.

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