Tube Ice Machine

Tube Ice Machine

Chirag Ice Factory Private Limited

Chirag Ice Factory Pvt Limited offers a wide range of Icelings Tube Ice Machine. Benefits of Icelings Tube Ice Machine: Highest Electricity Efficiency: Over 15% savings in electricity as compared to Flake / Block ice; Lowest operating cost: Production efficiency without brine solution, cans, etc. using direct refrigeration principles; Lowest space to production ratio:Only 200 sq.ft. required for 20 TPD machine making the Tube Ice machine one of the most sought after ice machines where land and building is expensive. Entire plant can be easily installed on the terrace of existing processing plants. Minimal Maintenance: Machines are known to run with minimal or no maintenance due to inherent plant design and since only world-class indigenous components used; Flexible batch cycle: Ice batch 20 minutes ensures no wastage of electricity and allows for production planning; Lowest Overall Investment - Net Present Valve of Tube Ice Machine greatest as compared to Flake/Block ice plant. Quality Ice: The quality of the Tube Ice is actually better than the water it is made from since the impurities present in the water are moved to the center of the ice tube and discharged during defrost ensuring that clean, crystal ice tubes are formed. On the other hand, Block Ice is manufactured using the outdated method of salt water brine chilling and due to leaking ice cans, typically the block ice contains a high degree of salinity which has an adverse effect on the concrete structure. Uniform Meltage – Since the tube ice is consistent in shape the tubes melt at an equal pace providing a uniform cooling media; Labour Cost Savings: Due to minimal manpower expense related to ice crushing and wastage along with accurate and consistent weight the overall labour expenses are significantly lower. Icelings Tube Ice Machine components: Superior Components for Superior Performance: All water and ice contact area of tube ice machine are made from Stainless Steel 304 Grade. It provides corrosion resistance to tubes and makes cleaning of tubes ice machine very easy; Tubes of tube ice maker made from Seamless Stainless steel 304 Grade; Stainless steel 304 Grade accumulator with insulation; Water Distributors: Made up of elastic material which creates a continuous uninterrupted peripheral seal between the tube ends and water distributor; Cutter: Stainless steel cutters driven by gear motors are uniquely designed to produce both cylindrical and crushed ice simply by reversing the motor of the cutter using a switch on the control panel that controls this function; Cutter Motors: Built with heavy duty design to give years of reliable ice-sizing service; Control Panel: Gives use access to the automatic electrical system which performs sequences for freezing and thawing precisely and dependably year after year; Pumping Tank (Water Pumps): Centrifugal cast in iron pump large enough to circulate many times the quantity of water to be frozen producing crystal clear tube ice; Heavy duty compressor.

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  • Icelings is well known as a leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Tube Ice manufacturing plants, cooling systems and industrial ice making machine. 
  • They specialize in providing turnkey tube ice plants, tube ice maker and slurry ice machines. 
  • Keeping specific customer requirements in mind, they custom design each plant. 
  • Their range is from 3.5 to over 125 tons per day tube ice production. Leading Chemical Manufacturers, Seafood Processor, Poultry-Processing, Meat Plants are using ICELINGS Industrial Tube Ice Plants.

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