Trolley Wheels

Trolley Wheels

Solid Wheels Industries

UHMW-HDPE (commonly known as hard polymer) wheels for all kinds of trolleys and hydraulic pallet trucks are available from Solid Wheels Industries. UHMW-HDPE is best known for its self-lubricating and unbreakable properties, even under heavy loads and worst working condition. The wheels have high loading capacity, high abrasion, low noise level, water, chemical, oil and grease resistance and very high impact strength. Wheels are moulded under strict quality control on hydraulic presses under highest pressure, correct heating temperature and prescribed cooling time, thus achieving best quality wheels. Further these wheels are differed in various sizes from 50 to 300 mm dia and width ranging from 20 to 100 mm. Also offered in various series (shapes) for different applications and requirement. They can deliver these wheels with ball bearing(s), needle bearing, bushing(s) as well as CI hub moulded wheels for heavy loads and smoothest working. Other properties of this material are as under:

  • Density -0.95 GR/cm3
  • Break elongation ? 450%
  • Impact strength (notch) - no break
  • Tensile strength ? 440 kg/cm3
  • Chemical resistance ? no effect at 100?C even with hydro chloro sulphuric acid
  • Abrasion loss ? min 3-8 mm3/100 SW
  • Temperature resistance ? -240?C to +100?C

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