Thrustor Brakes

Thrustor Brakes

Engineering Hindustan

Engineering Hindustan offers thrustor brakes.

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  • Thrustor brakes are 3-phase, cast iron and assembly type. The braking pressure to the shoes is transmitted from the springs by means of an extremely rigid and simple lever/tie rod mechanism. Release of the brake shoes is effected by energising the 3-phase thruster, which overcomes the spring force and the shoes are moved clear of the drum by the lever/arm linkage system.
  • The improved design of the leverage system and linkage makes it possible to utilise only a portion (70 to 75 per cent), of the thruster stroke initially at the time of commissioning the brake, when the brake lining is new.
  • As the lining wears out, thruster stroke adjusts itself automatically and the wear of the lining has no effect on the braking torque.
  • The angle of the brake shoe makes the replacement and maintenance of the brake shoes easy at site.


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