Solutions in Chemical Heater Selection

Solutions in Chemical Heater Selection

Theeta Electricals Private Limited

Theeta Electricals Pvt Ltd offers Solutions to Chemical Heater Selection Problems. Electroplating, sulphating and similar chemical processes are commonly used across the industry. The composition of the chemicals may differ for different applications but the basic issues in the process remain the same. Tubular heaters are commonly used in these processes to heat the chemicals. Deposits encompassing the element, chipping and corrosion are major issues faced by the users, and frequent changing of the element results both in financial and time loss. Problem is, most heating element companies lack the knowledge of designing the right element for the application. Alkaline, lead covered, titanium, incoloy, Teflon coated are the various sheath options that exist. The right sheath is decided based on the medium. Moreover, the Watt density, flange and terminal box material will all depend on the medium to be heated. If selected wrong the life of the element can fall drastically. Theeta Electricals possesses extensive knowledge through experience and tests and are fully capable of designing the right element for the right chemical.

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