Shot Blasting Machine, Automatic

Shot Blasting Machine, Automatic

Surface International

Surface International ha designed a fully automatic, high-powered 3-blast wheel hanger type airless Shot Blasting Machine. This closed loop overhead conveyor type shot blasting machine is especially suitable for high volume cleaning of fabricated/forged/cast components. The fully automatic machine is PLC controlled with rotary screen separator, overhead conveyor system, pneumatic cylinder operated doors and reverse pulsejet dust collector. The customer needs only one operator to handle the sophisticated machine. The manpower required is to load/unload the material at loading/unloading stations. At loading station the components are loaded on the conveyor of the machine.

The conveyor takes the components at high speed to the blast chamber. Before entering the blast cabinet, the components get sensed at the entry point and when they reach the first blast station, the doors are automatically closed, followed by blasting operation. Automatic clockwise and anticlockwise spinning of the components in the blast cabinet is carried out as per desired program. The components then start moving at a slow speed to the second blast station.

The components while moving to the 2nd blast station keep revolving for better and uniform cleaning. After reaching the 2nd blast station, the overhead conveyor stops and the components again rotate clockwise and anticlockwise for proper and uniform cleaning. From the second blast station, the component again moves towards the third blast station at a slow speed keeping the components revolving. The same process is repeated at the 3rd station. The blast stations 1 & 3 are away from the line of blast wheels and hence when the components are blasted at blast stations 1 & 3, a very homogeneous and uniform finish is achieved.

After the completion of blasting at Blast Station 3, the blasting is stopped, and the doors are automatically opened and the component moves out at high speed from the blast cabinet. At the same time another blast hanger comes into the blast cabinet with the closed loop overhead conveyor and the process keeps repeating. The component after blasting goes to the unloading station where the manpower provided with the machine does the unloading operation. Simultaneously at the loading station the hanger, which is emptied, gets loaded at the loading station and moves into the machine for blast cleaning.

The machine can handle rotating drums of size 1850 mm dia and 1600 mm long. the weight of the components can be 500 kg. The machine can be suitably designed to undertake bigger/smaller and heavier/lighter components as per customers’ needs. The PLC provides an annunciation system, which provides online information of the processing being done by the machine. Various safety norms as required by such sophisticated machine are in-built in the system, i.e., the doors of the machine get opened when the feed of shots to blast wheel is stopped. The blast wheel runs only when the dust collector is in operation. If the component is not loaded on any hanger of overhead conveyor, the conveyor does not stop at the blasting station and passes the blast cabinet at high speed thereby saving lot of precious time and energy on the one hand and protects the machine from unnecessary wear and tear on other hand.

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