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  • Schunk, the competence leader for gripping systems and clamping technology, is expanding the analysis options of its SCHUNK PGN-plus-P pneumatic universal grippers as well as its SCHUNK MPG-plus pneumatic small parts grippers with the SCHUNK MMS 22-IO-Link magnetic switch. 
  • The sensor can be placed directly in the C-slot of the gripping modules with no interfering contours. It allows the gripper's entire range of stroke to be detected so that parts of different sizes can be precisely detected. 
  • The IO-Link, other data can be generated in addition to position monitoring, for example querying the cycle number, the temperature, the analysis quality or sensor identification. Continuous communication between the MMS 22-IO link and the control system is also guaranteed. For this purpose, the sensor, which is fully compliant with the IO-Link Class A standard, is connected directly to the IO-Link master.
  • Instead of mechanical switching point adjustment, the sensor can be taught quickly and conveniently via the IO-Link interface. Alternatively, SCHUNK wired connectors or non-contact magnetic teaching tools can be used. The corresponding switching condition is indicated on an LED display. 
  • This allows users to save up to 90% on set-up times, as compared to conventional magnetic switches. Since the required electronics are completely integrated and not installed in the cable, the sensor's slim contour is retained and the cable can be used with standard plug connectors (M8/M12). Unlike analogue magnetic switches, neither shielded cables nor other EMC protection measures are necessary, which greatly simplifies the commissioning process thanks to IO-Link.
  • The SCHUNK MMS 22-IO-Link magnetic switch is directly integrated in the gripper's C-slot. It can detect different component sizes and offers additional diagnostic functions thanks to IO-Link.

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