RC Duct Heaters

RC Duct Heaters

Rapid Cool

Rapid Cool offers RC Electric Duct Heaters, Series RDH. These are factory assembled units consisting of a corrosion resistant steel frame, open coil/tubular finned heating elements and a control box. These duct heaters are fabricated in a wide range standards and custom design for heating and controls/safety modes. These duct heaters can be viewed/inspected in the factory and are complete units, ready for installation on delivery. Salient features: Safety – because the heater coil is completely encased in a grounded metal sheath, shock hazard due to accidental contact are eliminated; heaters installed close to a register, grille or access door should either use finned tubular construction or an open coil unit with a protective screen; serviceability – in the unlikely event of element failure, it is easier to replace individually mounted finned tubular elements than open coil elements; mechanical stability – finned tubular elements are more rugged than open coils; they will withstand more physical abuse; airflow uniformity – finned tubular duct heaters tend to be more tolerant of non uniform airflow conditions; heat conducted along the element length reduces or eliminates hot spots resulting from non uniform airflow; with open coil heaters, it may be necessary to use a pressure plate to compensate for bad airflow conditions; and controllability – because of their relatively high thermal inertia, finned tubular elements controlled with on/off thermostat systems provide more precise control. Furthermore, finned tubular elements cycle at a reduced rate, thus increasing the life of the power components such as contactors. Nevertheless, when SCR controllers are used, equally precise control can be obtained with either construction.

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