Pressure Converters

Pressure Converters

Setco Automotive Limited

Setco Automotive Ltd. manufactures Pressure Converters Series-I. It is used to Convert modulated Air System Pressure into modulated High Intensity Hydraulic Pressure, The High Intensity Hydraulic Pressure is used to actuate wheel braking devices. It is designed for both ON and OFF Road Vehicles and Industrial applications, It is Built with premium quality long life components. It is vigorously tested and validated.
Setco Automotive is a premier manufacturer of clutch products for the Automotive and hydraulic products for Construction Equipment Industry. In addition Setco also manufactures precision engineering components like complex and deep drawn pressings and forgings and castings that are machined and heat treated. The company is committed to deliver optimal customer care and satisfaction. The company is committed to offer an entire spectrum of clutches of the highest quality and globally competitive prices. The company is conscious about the environment that they operate in and have a strong focus on corporate social responsibility.

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  • Rugged Construction
  • Wide range of conversion ratios and hydraulic displacements
  • Units available for use either DOT 3 or 4 brake fluid, mineral oil or silicon brake fluid
  • Air cylinder device provides constant ratio throughout stroke
  • Electric over stroke indicator available
  • Supplied as OE

Products from Setco Automotive Limited

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