HVF Visual Flow Indicators

HVF Visual Flow Indicators

Elesa And Ganter India Private Limited

Elesa+Ganter has recently introduced the new HVF visual flow indicators that are used to check the passage of a liquid through a pipe and its conditions (colour, presence of particles, contamination…).

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  • The maximum visibility from all angles is guaranteed by the tubular window in PYREX® glass
  • The indicators are suitable for applications in different sectors, to monitor and verify flows in many industrial processes or chemical industries, such as: cooling – heating systems and lubrication, waste water treatment, filtration and distillation fire protection systems, petroleum industries and refineries printing machines
  • The black ends, the red axis and rotor propeller are made of polypropylene based technopolymer, which makes this product unique in the market; the tie rods are made of nickel-plated brass and the packing rings of NBR synthetic rubber
  • The HVF indicators can be used with different liquids such as cold/hot water, oils and heavy oils, gasoline and alcohols; the indicator can withstand flows having a maximum temperature of 100°C and a maximum pressure of 12-25bar (depending on the dimension of the indicator).

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