HMC Pumps

HMC Pumps

Mather & Platt Pumps Limited

Mather & Platt Pumps, a subsidiary of WILO AG, Germany, offers HMC pumps. These come with the following features: excellent self priming capacity due to novel suction tract; low noise operation due to multistage design; all parts in contact with the liquid are corrosion-proof; reduction of switch on frequency and avoidance of pressure surges due to the diaphragm vessel; high operational reliability; and easy to install. Applications: ideal for water supply system in buildings, water supply and pressurization, sprinkling, irrigation and spraying, water delivery from fountains and low reservoirs. Specifications, models HMC 3 – HMC 6; flow range – 0-5 m3/hr - 0-8 m3/hr; head range – up to 56 m – up to 57 m; inlet pressure max – 4 bar – 4 bar; operating pressure max – 8 bar – 8 bar; motor – single phase, 50 Hz, available – three phase, 50 Hz available; insulation/protection class – F/IP 54 – F/IP 54; nominal speed – 2900 RPM –2900 RPM; materials – pump housing – noryl – noryl; impeller – noryl – noryl; shaft – SS 1.4122 – SS 1.4122; diffuser – plastic (PP 40% GF) – plastic (PP 40% GF); filter plate – plastic (PE) – plastic (PE); filter strainer – plastic (PA 6.6) – plastic (PA 6.6); and seals – NBR – NBR.

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