Full Surface Bearings For Building

Full Surface Bearings For Building

Getzner India Private Limited

Getzner India Pvt Ltd offers Full Surface Bearings For Buildings. The full-surface elastic bearing of a building on Sylomer or Sylodyn efficiently reduces the transmission of vibrations from the surroundings into the structure. With computerised modelling, Getzner can precisely determine the levels of vibrations that can be anticipated in the building. If the vibrations or noise levels are higher than the defined thresholds, vibration isolation of the structure can be an effective way of achieving the desired result. A full-surface elastic bearing of the foundation slab is the simplest form of resilient bedding of buildings. It is usually installed between the actual foundation slab of the building and an additional, unreinforced concrete base layer. In order to completely decouple the building, the outer cellar walls must also be elastically isolated. Advantages: Proven protection against building vibration, Materials with national technical approval (abZ) – Sylodyn Z-16.8-468, Sylomer Z-16.8-467, Reduction of vibrations and noise, Increased comfort for living and working environments, Increase in market value of land and buildings, Finely tuned product range.

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